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We’re pretty sure we’ve said everything there is to say, but we know that sometimes people have questions. Here’s where you ask Rent-A-Dad … whatever is on your mind.

Fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you pretty much immediately (because Dad takes this whole touchy-feely communications┬áthing seriously). The more details you give us, the more questions you ask … the more Rent-A-Dad (and Rent-a-Mom, too!)┬á can help.

As with all Dad stuff, your secrets (and contact information) are safe with Rent-A-Dad.

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Rent-A-Dad would love to talk (and believe us that’s in your future!). But if you know what you need and are ready to reserve time with Rent a Dad, you can do it right now. Jeff does his trademarked “Dad thing” exclusively in New York City.

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