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Rent-a-Dad was started in New York City (ask Dad for the story; you know he’ll tell you about it)

Rent-A-Dad NYC

Manhattan/Brooklyn—and near there

is coming

Soon, Rent-A-Dad will be anywhere you could ask (it’s Dad, you know. Really, he’ll come to you right now)

Tulsa? L.A.? Sheboygan?

Rent-A-Dad Comes to You!

to YOU

Think you could be a Rent-a-Dad? Prove it. Talk our ear off. Tell us why you are a Rent-A-Dad

Rent A Dad wants to help you

and wants your help!

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Got a question? Need a Hand? Think you would make a top-notch Rent-A-Dad — or Rent-A-Mom? Use this form to ask, or prove your point, or whatever you think Dad should hear from you right about now.