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Recognizing a Lie — It’s Not as Hard as You Think

We've all been lied to. More than likely, unless you're just crawling out of bed, you've been lied to, today. Wouldn't it be terrific if recognizing a lie was easier? Maybe it's easier than you think. As with so many things, figuring out whether the people you deal...

How Is It The FiOS Guy Is Not Your Friend ?

This might not seem like the kind of thing that Dad would have an opinion about (HA!, SURE!), but The Fios Guy is Not your friend. Yeah, the usual "Dad's Advice" thing is happening, and we'll get it out of the way right here: Rent A Dad Will Hook Up your Technology....

It’s ALL Personal

There's an old saying that businesspeople rely on: Nothing's Personal, It's All Just Business. Uh-huh. As our sister entity Answer Guy Central says, there are limits to that idea. Here at Rent-A-Dad we take it further; It's ALL Personal. As Dad told you a few weeks...

The Importance of Keeping It Personal

In my last post on Hidden Costs, I talked about companies taking liberties with your relationship. As you might have guessed, your Rent-A-Dad is no fan of that kind of behavior. So imagine my non-surprise when the people at Automattic/WordPress did it again. Get ready...

Hidden Costs (Do You See Them?)

How do you feel about what things cost? OK, so more ... how do you feel when parts of costs are hidden? Hidden Costs are awful. Yeah, that applies to extra fees on things like your phone and Internet bills, but those aren't hidden so much as extra costs. You see them....

Fred Wilson Comments

You likely have no idea who Fred Wilson is. That's OK; unless you're steeped in the ways of Venture Capital you have no reason to know Fred. So a post titled as "Fred Wilson Comments" might have you scratching your head; what's Rent-A-Dad talking about today? We ain't...

Tips in the Gig Economy

It's a pretty good bet that you've encountered—even worked in— the Gig Economy. And if you have, whether by hailing a ride via Uber or working at TaskRabbit, you've probably thought about tips. Tips in the Gig Economy are an interesting discussion any day of the week,...

Understanding IKEA Furniture Assembly

At Rent-a-Dad, we take the trust our clients put in us pretty seriously. Of course we do ... we're your (rental) DAD!! So imagine my surprise when I got the message you see here as I was explaining the ins and outs of understanding IKEA furniture assembly. Not that I...

You Get What You Pay For …

It's long been said that You Get What You Pay For. Yes, by Dad, of course, but it's not like we claim a trademark on that old saw. "You Get What You Pay for" has always meant that you shouldn't expect anything to ever really be free. And it's...

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