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Understanding IKEA Furniture Assembly

At Rent-a-Dad, we take the trust our clients put in us pretty seriously. Of course we do ... we're your (rental) DAD!! So imagine my surprise when I got the message you see here as I was explaining the ins and outs of understanding IKEA furniture assembly. Not that I...

You Get What You Pay For …

It's long been said that You Get What You Pay For. Yes, by Dad, of course, but it's not like we claim a trademark on that old saw. "You Get What You Pay for" has always meant that you shouldn't expect anything to ever really be free. And it's...

Trader Joe’s is Different

You may shop there. You may love it. Even so, and even if the idea behind the words is part of why you do you've probably never considered something: Trader Joe's is Different. It might seem strange that we'd be talking about Trader Joe's at Rent-a-Dad, but really it...

Finding Work in the Gig Economy

Looking for work? Relying on one app or another from a Gig Economy company to help? Getting frustrated? You're not alone. Finding work in the Gig Economy is proving to be a bit harder than people think it will be when they jump in. Sounds bad? Buckle in; it's...

Assembling The IKEA Tarva Bed

In a couple of recent posts, I've talked about IKEA. You want to stay out of IKEA's toilet, and know when not to assemble IKEA cabinets. Today, we need to have a talk about the IKEA Tarva Bed. This conversation goes to the very reason Rent-A-Dad exists. We're here to...

IKEA Problems ? (Trying to stay out of the IKEA toilet)

Rent A Dad's most recent musings were aimed at Assembling IKEA Cabinets. That story was about knowing when to handle things yourself versus bringing in a professional to handle the job. Today, we're going to focus a bit on IKEA problems. We're not big on negative...

Assembling IKEA Cabinets — Or Knowing When Not To

One of the things Rent-A-Dad gets asked to do—a lot—is build furniture. A ton of that furniture is from IKEA. And assembling IKEA cabinets or other IKEA furniture is ... well, it's something that Dad does pretty much every day. Rent-A-Dad has opinions about IKEA...

Car Negotiation Isn’t What You Think It Is

  Besides buying a house, car purchase is probably the biggest personal financial deal you're ever going to make. Well, surprise! Car Negotiation isn't what you think it is. I could go on about this at length. There are different parts to any deal you make, and...

The Ratcheting Screwdriver: Great Idea, or Disaster?

If you're Rent-A-Dad—or really, any Dad-With-A-Plan—you think about things like tools. Hand Tools. Power Tools. Cool Tools in general. You love tools, or at least see them for what they are, which is ... well, OK ... tools. But Dads are a practical lot, right? Tools...

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Assembling IKEA Cabinets — Or Knowing When Not To

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