How is The Apple Polishing Cloth Insane? Let Me Count The Ways

October 31, 2021
The Apple Polishing Cloth Is Insane

Apple’s Polishing Cloth better be mighty good if a piece of microfiber costs $19 and you can’t have one for the next three months.

This fruitilicious Polishing Cloth is insane. Bananas. Nuts. Crazy. There, I said it.

Let’s be clear: your Rent-A-Dad has a number of issues with the sweetest computer company. Many of them are about the prices Apple charges for their not-nearly-worth-it products. Apple’s polishing rag falls into this category. Others are about Apple’s business practices, which so far as I can see have no connection to the polished-up micro-fiber cloth that somehow Apple is convincing so many lemmings to get in line for that somehow there’s a 10-12 week backlog for these things.

Holy cow, your old Dad can hardly believe this is even a discussion. A $19 Polishing Cloth? One that you can’t actually lay your hands on?

Yeah, well … that’s why Rent-A-Dad is here. Just like a real Dad, we have our eyes out for scams things that don’t make sense. And I’m telling you: just go buy a microfiber cloth from wherever you usually pick up such things. Or better yet, dig through your box-of-miscellaneous-crap; I’ll bet you have a cloth or three designed for just this purpose hanging around.

Apple Polishing ClothJust $19?

Or wait; maybe you’re so complete an Apple FanBoy that somehow this makes sense to you. If so, even Rent-A-Dad is powerless; order an Apple Polishing Clothing for $19 and maybe wait on your front porch for it to arrive, too!

Go ahead, argue with me, I dare you. Your Rent-a-Dad won’t withhold dinner, and wouldn’t even if he could. But until someone–anyone–can come up with any reasonable explanation for this thing being worth $19 and why it’s better to wait months for it to arrive than just go ahead and use whatever soft, screen-safe cloth you have lying around to do this job, I’m gonna rant.

Or maybe since it’s Halloween you’d rather I just gave out cut-down versions of the Apple Polishing Cloth? Trick or Treat, kids.


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