How Is It The FiOS Guy Is Not Your Friend ?

The FiOS Guy is not your Friend

This might not seem like the kind of thing that Dad would have an opinion about (HA!, SURE!), but The Fios Guy is Not your friend.

Yeah, the usual “Dad’s Advice” thing is happening, and we’ll get it out of the way right here: Rent A Dad Will Hook Up your Technology. But the piece you’re reading right now came about only because Dad got ticked off when he saw one more cable installer do a lousy job explaining things to a client. Seriously, this particular FiOS Guy knew what he’s been taught (to sell … and get out fast), and nothing more.

There’s a piece of me that wants to give this particular FiOS Guy a break (and by the way, all of this applies to installers from other cable/Internet providers too), but … nah.

Your Rent a Dad was in an apartment building all of the furniture for a young lady whose Mom was there to supervise, asking a bunch of questions as FiOS was getting installed. And if he’d said “lady, I don’t know”, or “lady, I’m only allowed to go (somewhere)”, it would have been OK. But no, he was wrong. A lot.

Why The FiOS Guy Is Not Your Friend

Besides needing to do things the way he’s told, it isn’t really that much of a mystery that the FiOS Guy isn’t your friend. The sheer amount of information that goes into understanding that when you have a cable box, a TV, and maybe a smart device that you’ve added, each of which would like to be the point from which you stream Netflix, makes understanding it all a bit of a challenge. And yeah, it takes way too long to explain it all to most people. But wouldn’t it be nice if the FiOS guy or other cable installers could at least tell you the difference between your regular and 5G networks and when you should select one over the other?

Seriously, that’s the big point here; the FiOS Guy Is Not Your Friend because when someone sells you networking services they should at least be able to tell you when to use the network. And yeah, Rent-A-Dad can do that.

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