Assembling IKEA Cabinets — Or Knowing When Not To

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Assembling IKEA Cabinets

One of the things Rent-A-Dad gets asked to do—a lot—is build furniture. A ton of that furniture is from IKEA. And assembling IKEA cabinets or other IKEA furniture is … well, it’s something that Dad does pretty much every day. Rent-A-Dad has opinions about IKEA furniture, of course. And putting together IKEA cabinets is a topic we get asked about all the time.

The folks at have thoughts on IKEA cabinets. It’s only at the end of the article that they talk about whether or not you should try to build IKEA stuff yourself, but they make a few points worth reading.

Assembling IKEA Cabinets

The thing about IKEA cabinets that’s most important to talk about is how many options you have and where assembling IKEA cabinets can get dicey. Different Doors? Different hardware? Cramming those puppies into odd spaces and corners? Yup, you need to have a little bit of a handle on all of those when you make decisions about IKEA cabinets. Rent-A-Dad likes to say that when it comes to assembling furniture almost anyone can do it and almost no-one should. This is all the more important to keep in mind when it comes to assembling IKEA cabinets; there are just … too many options.

That’s not even the most compelling reason to have Rent-A-Dad build your furniture for you. Building flat-pack furniture by following instructions that generally lack any words requires a particular type of patience that most people just don’t have. Or to put it another way: following IKEA instructions can feel like trying to read a map. Back in the day when that was a skill people needed a big chunk of folks still couldn’t do it; why would you know how to do it today?

Just a quick how-do-you-do on IKEA furniture from Rent-A-Dad. Hire Rent-A-Dad to work on your IKEA cabinets and maybe he’ll tell you about the famous movie star with a kitchen full of it.

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