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“He’s My Geek”. Or Is He Something Else?

I've been helping people get things done for ... well, let's just leave that at "a long time". Because that's so, I have some observations that time has only made more true. One is that people almost always think of you in the first context they encounter you. And...

The Difference: Careful and Paralyzed

The astronauts of NASA, including David Scott and ... yes, that other fellow is first-man-on-the-moon Neil Armstrong ... are very careful. They have to be; their missions wouldn't work otherwise, and absent great care people would die. But Careful and Paralyzed are...

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Logistics

As our deep dive into the issues surrounding restaurant management and delivery logistics continues, it becomes more and more obvious that we're looking at complicated issues. Recently, I realized that one problem is—and I'm not being flip—that too many cooks spoil...

A Ten-Dollar Bonus Beats 250 Dollars

A few weeks back I began a slow-reveal on the issues in our study of the Gig Economy. And while I never specifically said it if you read between the lines you likely concluded I wasn't impressed. A 50% bonus? Holy Cow! Problem is, that bonus was designed to...

The Value of a 250 Dollar Bonus

How much is a $250 bonus worth? The value of a 250 dollar bonus may be $250 when measured mathematically, but its real value has very little to do with the math. This week, one of the food delivery services doing business in New York City has offered couriers a bonus...

In Hell With Zelle (Zelle Has a Problem)

Zelle is one of the coolest things to come along since ... well, for a very long time. Introduced last year, Zelle lets you transfer money between bank accounts, in different banks, instantly, for free. Zelle was under development for a while, then suddenly just...

Management by Manual

This week I saw something that almost made my heart stop. 69% of managers are afraid to talk to their employees. The survey is almost two years old. The results aren't a knee-jerk reaction to the current "sexual harassment is everywhere" environment. They aren't...

The End of Pirated Music

It's the end of the year. Courtesy of, our end-of-year story is about the end of pirated music. It's no wonder that a business change of this magnitude would come from Amazon. Dr. Evil's company just keeps changing the way we buy things—all things. And what...

Why Consider Changing Browsers ?

Last week, a new browser hit the market. And most of the reviews so far have been effusive: it might be time to think about changing browsers. But give it some thought and you'll very likely reconsider changing browsers. Because as great as Firefox Quantum might be,...

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