Science and Perspective

February 26, 2023

Science And Perspective

We live in an interesting time. Yes, I mean that mostly euphemistically. Let’s talk about science and perspective.

Your dear old Rent A Dad is no science denier; quite the opposite. And the whole “everybody is entitled to their opinion” thing, while true to a point and also a fair statement when facts need to be analyzed, is too often used as a weapon rather than a genuine, solution-seeking talking point, let’s remember that fact is fact—you know, until a “fact” is disproven, which happens all the time.

So I was surprised when a guy who used to be my best friend—he was the best friend at my wedding, in fact—posted the image you see here on Facebook. My old pal Dave has shifted a bit too far to the right for my taste, but we went back and forth for a few days and I’m happy to say that despite what posting this drivel might imply—and create, problem-wise—he doesn’t really seem to believe the world is flat.

Science and Perspective

When Dave threw this little gem out into the ether, I had a predictable response. I questioned him carefully and the interaction I described a moment ago took place.

The question is this: when people see stuff like this and react—reasonably but with not enough understanding of how physics (or whatever) works for their “reason” to make sense—are they blowing up the very issue of science and perspective and how those are supposed to relate? And if so, are they making trouble on purpose, or is that just a bonus?

I don’t know—and that’s actually the point. Everyone has a perspective, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. And science does change, although the “flat earth” thing is impossble—ask anyone who’s flown around the world. That one is science of a variety that simply can’t be questioned or subjected to the “opinion” argument.

But most things that we think of as fact have enough variables in them that over time it’s opinion and further analysis that enable us to advance science. Because at the end of the day science and perspective go together. Your job is to think enough to see when, and how.


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