Trader Joe’s is Different

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Trader Joe's is Different

You may shop there. You may love it. Even so, and even if the idea behind the words is part of why you do you’ve probably never considered something: Trader Joe’s is Different.

It might seem strange that we’d be talking about Trader Joe’s at Rent-a-Dad, but really it makes perfect sense. Trader Joe’s is run based on ideas that seem strange in their industry. We love that here. Is Trader Joe’s a supermarket? Err … sort of. But like Rent-a-Dad, Trader Joe’s is Different.

Trader Joe’s stocks primarily “house brand” items and items from companies it has close relationships with. It stocks way fewer items than most supermarkets. And most important, Trader Joe’s is all about customer service. Like Rent-A-Dad—like a real Dad—Trader Joe’s wants to take care of you.

Trader Joe’s is Different

Yeah, you guessed it. Dad’s trying to teach you a lesson here. It’s about looking at things from a different angle than might be natural. Our sister entity Answerguy Central talks frequently about coopetition, and part of why Trader Joe’s is different is that they understand that idea. It’s kind of advanced as business concepts go, but as the Gig Economy becomes more and more entrenched its importance grows; you have competition, sure, but you need to look instead at cooperation to figure out what you’re doing.

That’s what everything we do at Rent-A-Dad is based upon. Dads know this instinctively; you need to find ways to move issues forward. People need help? We provide help. But people aren’t likely searching for the phrase “Rent-A-Dad” all that often so we need to grow our business elsewhere.

Great customer service is a big deal, of course, and we get plenty of word-of-mouth referrals. But think about all the companies we could be competing with but instead see as cooperators and you’ll get the point. Rent-a-Dad wants to be friendly and work with everyone in our business ecosystem. Rent-A-Dad is different in much the same way Trader Joe’s is Different.

Looking for a great place to find help, or move your career forward? Contact Rent-A-Dad, now.

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