The Magic of Perspective

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John Green and The Magic of Perspective

The magic of perspective is … well, it’s magic. Nowhere is this more true than in geopolitics, or in content marketing.I was reminded of just how important this magic of perspective thing is a few weeks ago, when a friend of a friend posted this video about The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict on Facebook:It’s very simple, very well done, and although it provides a great general overview of the topic through the magic of perspective it ultimately skews to the Palestinian side.I liked this video quite a bit, but I also decided—and I’m Jewish, so insert your own judgement about the magic of perspective as I see things—to go hunting for a better explanation. I found it here, courtesy of teen-lit superstar John Green: and his brother Hank do some cool cutting-through-the-noise videos, and while this one is long, it takes great pains to remain impartial. And impartiality was the magic of perspective I was seeking.Except this issue, like most, is rarely presented impartially. And that always-skewed-one-way-or-the-other issue is itself a big deal when we examine the magic of perspective. And perspective isn’t something you can afford to leave to chance.Not one bit.The Magic of PerspectiveOver the years, I’ve referred quite a few times to a slightly different but ultimately the same idea: perception is reality. No matter how careful you are as you craft messages, people will ultimately interpret them the way that makes the most sense to them. But in content marketing—and this is true more every day—if your messages aren’t very precise, crafted very carefully, and aimed at very specific targets they simply won’t get heard.Doing almost everything right? Not good enough, because when you are too fat you must adjust your rhetoric; else, you’ll find that your content marketing sucks.See what I just did there?Here’s the funny thing: your answer doesn’t matter. If you see what happened in that short and link-heavy paragraph you “get it”, but it’s a pretty good bet you aren’t doing it. And if you don’t see, well, you have an even bigger problem. And that’s The Magic of PerspectiveOK: discuss.


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